[World Premiere] T.Y. – “Brooklyn Way”

T.Y. Brooklyn Way

Dropping not one but two brand new singles today, T.Y. presents “Brooklyn Way” off his forthcoming album. This one is dedicated to the legacy of Notorious B.I.G. and the positive affect he had on all his fans, T.Y. takes to pay tribute to Biggie, one of his favorite artist’s and continue to spread love and the messages learned from him. This being the 17th year since Biggie’s unfortunate passing, T.Y.’s new single “Brooklyn Way” is a great song for today. We’re proud to premiere this song thanks to T.Y. and the whole KINGS crew. If you missed the earlier release, “Let Me Ask You” you should definitely go watch that video! I have to say these brand new singles from T.Y. have me anxious as ever to take in the new project fully.