[Audio] Quake Matthews ft Laura Roy- “Red Wine”

quake red wine

When we made this track I was listening to a lot of Roc Marciano and I noticed how sometimes he would just loop different parts of a sample and not even add drums. I went with that raw stripped down sound when we did this. Quake

It’s week two of Quake’s series Myth Monday’s, last week we shared Puffy 4 The Knight and today we present “Red Wine” featuring Laura Roy. Quake called The Come Up Show Radio this past Saturday from Fairview, Halifax and told us the Myth Monday series is something that was necessary since he has so many songs ready to go! Since music is so saturated and attention spans are shortened, Quake will be releasing EP’s, singles, videos, throughout the year in between albums so expect more of him on The Come Up Show. If this is the first time you’re checking for Quake make sure to read our interview and to definitely peep his latest album Corrado Take a listen to “Red Wine” and tell me what you think in the comment section.