[Mixtape] Jon Connor- “#BestInTheWorld”


Even though he’s in Dr. Dre’s corner at Aftermath Entertainment, Jon Connor shows his appreciation for G.O.O.D music icon, Kanye West, in his latest mix tape, #BestInTheWorld. Connor describes this project as “The Late Registration of a College Dropout who had a Dark Twisted Fantasy of 808s And Heartbreak,” meaning that he has all the bases covered in his tribute to Mr. West. From The College Drop Out’s “Two Word’s” to the most recent works of Yeezus, JC goes in over all the classic Kanye instrumentals. Evident from the mixtape title and description, Conner is truly in a Kanye “Best Rapper Alive” state of mind. This mixtape hits home for me personally because I still vibe out to all of these old Kanye hits to this day- and hearing an equally talented emcee rip apart these beats makes it a truly memorable tape. Take in Jon Conner’s BestInTheWorld mixtape, and let us know if he did Yeezie justice.