[Mixtape] XV- “March Madness Vol.2- Sweet Sixteen”


In honor of the NCAA March Madness tournament, Rapper XV has come to play with his sweetest of 16’s for his latest mixtape, March Madness Vol. 2- Sweet Sixteen. The Wichita Kansas emcee has been in the game/under the radar for years now- and still has a following of loyal fans who just want to see him succeed. Vizzy first gained attention after the release of his twelfth mixtape Everybody’s Nobody, for which he received two awards from DJBooth.net.

March Madness Vol. 2 is filled with imaginative, topical rhymes and punch lines which fans of XV have come to expect from him. The rhymes“Fans getting annoyed/The world doesn’t know the boy/From the home of the Superman- not the Soulja Boy” from track 10, “Another Illusion” tell the story XV’s career- a hip hop Clark Kent waiting for the perfect moment to break out to industry success.

XV revisits some classic hip hop instrumentals for this project such as Eminem’s “The Way I Am,” Drake’s “Pound Cake” and 2pac’s “All About You.” I’ve been a fan of XV for a while now-it’s nice to see the man in still working! Dubbed Sweet Sixteens, there’s no mystery of what to expect with this mixtape. Vizzy is back!