[Mixtape] Kanye West- “Grad School”


The Grad School mixtape is a catalogue of Yeezie’s early work- before The College Dropout, before Yeezus, before Kanye was one of the most influential people in rap. This mixtape comes with unreleased songs and freestyles that have been locked in the creator’s vault for quite some time. Collaborators such as Consequence, Freeway and The Go Getters appear on “Grad School” showing their contributions to Kanye’s come up prior to his success. Be sure to check this mixtape out and witness the progression of Mr. West throughout the years.

1) My Way
2) Apologize
3) Dream Killers
4) Came Back For You
5) Freestyle ft. Consequence
6) Let My Nigga’s in ft. The Go Getters
7) I Need To Know
8) Last Night
9) Living A Movie
10) On 10 In A Benz ft. The Go Getters
11) Out of Your Mind
12) Peace
13) Soulful ft. Khayree & Consequence
14) The Stalker Song (Never Lettin’ Go)
15) Young Folks
16) Your My Type
17) Philly Niggas ft. Freeway and Beans