[Podcast] #ThrowBackThursday – Shad Interviews the Halflife Crew

The Come Up Show Podcast - Shad and Classified

We’re excited to present another addition to The Come Up Show Podcast series: #ThrowBackThursdays. Every other Thursday, when we’re not dropping a new podcast, we’ll be going back in the vault and bringing you some of our timeless interviews from the past – including rare interviews that were never released. For each episode, DJ Chedo will be joining the podcast to tell the story behind the interviews, whether it’s running across town at 3 a.m. or driving from London to Toronto in an hour and 15 minutes. As always, we promise it’ll be entertaining.

For our first edition of #ThrowBackThursdays, we’re bringing you Shad‘s interview with Classified and the Halflife crew: Mic Boyd, J-Bru, and DJ IV. Check it out below, and if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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