[Video] Casper The Ghost ft. KyleKanevil – “Too Nice” (Dir: Shuttle Productions)

Too Nice

The Marcus Morris Mixtape 5 has been receiving a lot of love since it’s release from all over. Casper has been on his grind with promotion, with a few more surprises to come. The first official video from the project, Casper teams up with KyleKanevil from The Nicest for “Too Nice”, their hilarious collaboration off MMM5. Filmed here in London, Casper has some fun at the car wash with the team, Treetop, The Nicest, DJ Hullewood and The Come Up Show all make appearances. If you know Casper’s and Kyle’s music separately, you know your bound for a treat when they come together. The video too, lot of funny moments. Hit play, and get ready for a treat. Check out MMM5 for a ton of other gems.