Update: We’ve added additional photos of the night that you can check out at the slideshow below or you can head straight to our flickr album. Photos by Eddy Rissling for The Come Up Show.

Wednesday, May 7, at The Opera House in Toronto was a night a part of Canadian Music Week, with the main headliner being Houston rapper, Travi$ Scott. The fans were lined up before the doors opened at 8; there was music playing, and the line was patiently waiting. When the doors finally opened and everyone was getting settled inside, fans couldn’t help notice the house music that was playing. It was a mix of every genre but hip hop and definitely did not match the vibe of the night. Fans were left standing and conversing before the show got started around 9pm.

As a showcase for Canadian Music Week, the first act to take the stage was Cam Smith, a rapper and producer from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Neon Dreams, an electronic/pop group, also hailing from Halifax, provided the beats for Cam on stage for the night. Smith kicked off the night with his single “Nonsense” off his soon to be released, Cannon. The rapper and group brought tons for energy to a crowd that, for the most part, was hearing Smith for the first time. Showcasing himself to a new audience, Cam Smith, performed songs from his mixtape Ocean Blue, such as “Damn Daddy” and “Work It.” By the end of Cam’s set, the crowd was bouncing to the bass heavy beats and new fans were reppin’ the black, Cam Smith t-shirt from the merch table.

The second act to take the stage was Brandon Chey, a Toronto native. As a platform for Canadian musicians to reach a new crowd, Brandon Chey and the Baker’s Club did not introduce the tracks or themselves in a way that new fans could clearly
identify them. After looking up the rapper after the show, it was clear he played tracks from his album Gift Wrapped Casketz, including “One Time,” and some of his older work such as “O.S.Y.G. (Old Soul Young God).” Brandon Chey and the Baker’s Club were having a great time, got the crowd vibing, and left them ready for Travi$ Scott.

By 11pm the Opera House was packed with fans that had come to see La Flame. The Houston rapper’s DJ set up on stage and started spinning some hits to get the crowd hype. With the lights turned down, and Toronto fans ready for Travi$ Scott, he came bursting onto stage with “Quintana”, spraying the crowd with water bottles and the whole building was shaking. It didn’t take long before Travi$ was surfing the sea of fans, performing hit after hit. One lucky fan was brought on stage to rap “Naked”, while Scott jumped into the crowd. WondaGurl was brought out on stage by the headliner, and forced to crowd surf has he praised the Brampton born producer by performing “Uptown” (which WondaGurl had a hand in making).

Travi$ Scott gave the crowd an energy that would be hard for any artist to top, and the best thing, the crowd gave it right back. Taking selfies with crazed fans and sharing his vodka, there was no turning this party down. Parting the crowd, he made his way to the soundboard, looking up to the fans in the balcony. Climbing from on top of the soundboard, to fans helping pull him up, La Flame began performing Upper Echelon from up top. The audience was rapping word for word with him,
everyone just feeding off the building’s energy. The insanity of the crowd grew as Travi$ jumped down from the balcony back on to the stage to climb a speakers to a small protruding balcony on the side of the stage, where he gave the crowd his latest single “Don’t Play”. The fans loved his crazy performance antics, and were starting to get wild themselves.

After capping off his performance with “Up”, the show did not end there; Travi$ had made a $100 bet to see who could crowd surf from the stage to the soundboard and back without falling. This is when a few fans made their way up on stage willing to give the bet a try. Within minutes, the majority of the crowd was up on stage, vibing as the DJ was spinning hits. It didn’t take long before security shut it down and everyone was making his or her way out onto the street. Fans were left with a memorable show and reminded of exactly why Travi$ Scott goes by “La Flame” – his show was fire.

Review written by: Alexandria Macdonald for The Come Up Show.
Photography by: CZR-E for The Come Up Show.