[Mixtape] Richie Dolo & Frank Douglas- “Shameless”


It’s finally here! Frank Douglas and Richie Dolo present the Shameless mixtape. The lines from track number two, “What I’ve Done” sums up the entire meaning behind Shameless – “You don’t gotta like me/You don’t gotta love me/ I only ask for one thing/ Just know what I’ve done.” Frank and Richie went into this project with the mindset of making music for their crew, not worrying about catering into current rap trends in order to pop. The end result to this mentality is a banger of a mixtape- no gimmicks, just real hip hop.

Tracks such as “Blssd Boy” and “Shameless” give listeners insight into the duos “MAWLife” crew above all lifestyle. “Vroom” is another highlight off this project that brings listeners back to that old school hip-hop vibe as the two emcees trade bars back and forth exchanging witty rhymes, illustrating lyrical skill as well as swagger.

This is a tape that you need to add into your summer play list- it’s packed full of bangers. Be sure to check out Shameless, and show Richie Dolo and Frank Douglas the love that this project deserves.