[Podcast] Canadian Music Week: Airplane Boys

Airplane Boys Podcast on The Come Up Show

We’re back once again with another edition of The Come Up Show Podcast, and as mentioned yesterday, we’re doing something a little different this week. In celebration of the recent Canadian Music Week, we’re dropping a brand new podcast every day from Monday to Friday. Yesterday, we brought you an interview with Toronto’s King Reign. Today, the Airplane Boys talk to our own DJ Chedo. Listen to the podcast below and read what Chedo had to say about the interview:

“I was really excited to get the chance to talk to the Airplane Boys again. I caught up with them at HustleGRL showcase during Canadian Music Week. We started off the interview with asking them why they shortened their name from The Airplane Boys to APB, what kind of students they were in high school, and how growing up in Scarborough influenced their music and fashion. It’s been a bit more than a year since the release of their last project Brave New World, and their brand new tape Egos and Expectation is out end of this month, so we asked them what they’ve learned in the past year, what experiences they’ve been through, and what we should expect on this new project. What I love about APB is how inspiring and motivational they are, so we talked about what it’s like to share your journey of being a dreamer with other dreamers, self worth, and they told me who they are representing in their music.” – Chedo

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