[Podcast] Canadian Music Week: Teedra Moses

Teedra Moses Podcast on The Come Up Show

Today marks the end of our celebration of Canadian Music Week on The Come Up Show Podcast. If you haven’t been following along, we’ve been dropping brand new podcasts every day this week, featuring interviews with artists we had the chance to talk to at the festival. Yesterday, we brought you an interview with Tre Mission. Today, Chedo catches up with Teedra Moses. Listen to the podcast below and read what Chedo had to say about the interview:

“It was an honor for me to sit down with Teedra Moses. Her album Complex Simplicity is a classic R&B project in my opinion, and I caught up with her at The Main Ingredient at Revival during CMW. I started off the interview by asking Teedra why she chose to call out a critic named Chris Richards who says Dre is “merely an example of an artist getting much richer by abandoning art.” Teedra defended Dr.Dre — you can tell she is a Hip-Hop head. As a youth, Teedra Moses was inspired by her own mother, a successful gospel singer, and she tells us the influence her mother had on her since our interview was a day before Mother’s Day.

Business is always a challenge for many musicians, and Teedra shared some obstacles she faced and gave valuable advice to artists on how they can make money. We also talked about the new upcoming EP Cognac And Conversations and what we should expect, why Teedra Moses prefers to record alone in her own space, what music means to her, and three words to describe her journey these past ten years. Find out what they are and more in our interview.” – Chedo

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