[Podcast] Canadian Music Week: Jimmy B (Bonus Episode)

Jimmy B Podcast on The Come Up Show

I thought I told you that we don’t stop! Our Canadian Music Week series may be in the bag, but we wanted to give you one more interview before going back to our regularly scheduled programming on The Come Up Show Podcast. For our bonus episode, our own Colton Beausoleil chops it up with Jimmy B of SmashMouth Entertainment. Listen to the podcast below and read what Colton had to say about the interview:

“It’s been a minute since we’ve spoken to Jimmy B. Last time we spoke was in March briefly, when the whole SmashMouth team was down for their SmashMouth Mentality show in London. I was glad to sit down and speak with him about what he’s been up to lately. The promotion for his latest project, L.O.R.D.S, is still going strong, dropping video after video, so I wanted to sit down and speak with him about what kind of response he’s received from it, because all in all, it stands as a voice for Toronto’s younger generation.

We spoke on if he ever had any regrets dropping out of school to pursue music, what the most important thing he’s learned since being part of the SmashMouth team, and what the importance is of keeping things in the pocket and always being a step ahead. It’s always fun whenever we link up with anyone from the SmashMouth team and Jimmy B had an insane performance opening for Hopsin at the Kool Haus just after we spoke. Jimmy B has a lot of new stuff in the works, so I was excited to sit down and speak with him and see just what we can expect in the near future.” – Colton

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