[Video] Mission Underground l A-1, Anilyst, Locksmith l (Prod: Fresco Bangaz)

Team Backpack Cypher

The latest Team Backpack cypher, featuring A-1, Anilyst and the homie Locksmith was held infront of a live audience at Mission Underground. As A-1 speaks on how we treat the women who birth our children, Anilyst goes in, though one verse absolutely raises the bar during this session. Locksmith; is known for being able to rhyme in such a fashion that makes you think – on another level – and wonder where is his competition at all at the same time. He goes in as such..

“Now what if I said the music you’re fed is part of a plan. An elitist agenda to feed and extend the catharsis of man. A subtle progression to muzzle expression to public deception ain’t none of us stressin to suck in the blessings. Fuck your perception it starts with the fans.”

Ending it with, “The difference from me and these spitters and lyrical killers I’m actually talking bout something.”

Take in this amazing verse, as Locksmith hold the mic close so everyone can hear exactly what he’s saying below, putting that nail in the coffin, and let me know what you think and answer me this. Why aren’t there many emcee’s like Locksmith in commercial hip-hop nowadays?