[Feature] Sese: Canada’s Hardest Working, Yet Most Underrated Artist

Sese 5

There’s no confusion amongst anyone when you’re talking Canadian hip-hop and bring up St.Catharines own, Sese; besides how to pronounce his name. Though that’s besides the fact. Since the days of recording on cassette tapes, Sese has been working, from older mixtapes like “Sese: Pre-Season”, “The Future is Back”, “Lets Talk Science”, to where he really made a stamp, solidifying his spot with “Hit and Run”. His catalog spans over 10+ mixtapes throughout his career, with two albums recently released and a slew of singles and features that can keep any hip-hop head busy taking in his music for weeks.

Taking it back to “Hit and Run”, to “Iron Jaw Angels”, the song that broke across the country gaining him fans from every corner. True fans may remember “Lockdown” when he used the name – Spectak aka S.C.O.R.S.E.S.E.– though “Iron Jaw Angels” is the track most refer back to when speaking on how they first heard his music. Since the days of “Hit and Run” and before, Sese has been grinding. Lyrics, cadence, delivery, metaphors, stage presence; Sese has a full package deal. There’s honestly not one thing you can pin-point that would have you saying Sese isn’t worth the listen. Which brings up the question, is Sese one of the hardest working Canadian rappers, yet the most underrated? With over 100k downloads on his projects, 1.5 million youtube views total, a vast catalog, including over 50 official videos, along with sharing the stage with top tier artists like Nas, Sean Kingston, Tyga, Snoop Dogg, French Montana, The Game, Mobb Deep, and Jadakiss. The question is a debate that favors on his side.

I remember it vividly, taking in “Iron Jaw Angels” on youtube while browsing through Hip Hop Canada to find some new music, and that second I was instantly hooked. “He back like he never left, kitchen to the crack, heavy metal like MegaDeth. Grind heavy, yes. He stretch every breath. Real emcee’s when it seems there wasn’t any left”.Those opening bars were enough. Not to break down every song, though from this point it was evident, we weren’t seeing away with Sese anytime soon.

As the years went on, leading into “Hit and Run 2”, “Death or Glory”, “The Write Brothers” accompanied by Ceaza Leon, the reputation Sese gained was enough to have anyone thinking he was about to take off into what most rappers dream about. Signing that major label contract. Although it didn’t happen, most still think it will because he hasn’t let anything stop him along the way. Continuing on his mission, Sese dropped the first tape of an epic series, Y.F.R.W.N. (Your Favorites Rappers Worst Nightmare) which is a big name to take on, and no one has yet to question that title, nor ever will. Following up with “Y.F.R.W.N. 2”, making even bigger waves. With accolades like performing at the WE Day Charity Event, going across country on two solo tours, appearing on Much Music’s Rap City, receiving Flow 93.5FM’s Steamwhistle Artist of The Month for his single, “Now or Never” featuring JRDN. With “PGK” featuring Emerson Brooks reaching rotation on Much Music as well. You could almost go on for days about what Sese has done in the span of his career. More notable than some artist’s that are being featured on big name publications to date.

Why is it that Sese hasn’t reached that headlining point he set out for in the first place? It’s more than deserved. Co-signs from every other notable artist like Maestro Fresh Wes, Saukrates, Kardinal Offishall, SonReal, Rich Kidd to name a few haven’t been enough to go along with his work ethic? Or is it the fans? We all know, especially in Canada it is hard to make it as a musician. With a third of the population of the United States, are fans just picky on who they choose to ride with? You could argue that Sese was the one to start the viral campaign of releasing video after video, back in 2010 when he dropped eleven videos in a row. Ty Harper from City on My Back stated that Sese “almost changed the viral game” as Sese says in “The Pulse”. Which is completely agreeable.

Sese 4

Recently coming out with “Age of Aquarius” and “Sayzor Ramone”, the first two official EP’s, you would have thought things might favor for Sese following that, other than scaring any competition he may have had, showing the growth as an artist, gaining him rotation on Much Music and radio country wide. It was enough to have people in his corner frustrated, so I can only imagine his thoughts. Though it almost seemed not to faze him, shortly after “Sayzor Ramone” announcing another weekly series, This Was My Shit, where he would remix an instrumental from tracks he grew up listening to with a video for every single one to follow. Now at nine weeks straight, Sese is set to break his own record, and set a few new ones on the way.

If you could look at one specific artist to compare him to, work ethic wise, not many live up to it. Is he making the wrong moves? Are people sleeping on him? It’s hard to say from one persons perspective, though if I were to express my opinion, I’d say the majority is sleeping on him. I thought by now I would be hearing some of his music on rotation on Hot 97 and other major radio stations across the continent. Lets face it, his music is up to par or better than some of the music they place most times.

There’s definitely a bright future ahead for the St.Catherines emcee, with his current This Was My Shit campaign taking off, Y.F.R.W.N. 3 on the way, we can only hope things favor his way. Like I said, there’s few that match the work ethic Sese has displayed over the past ten years plus. Some may disagree, others will agree, though you’d have to take in his catalog from start to finish to really get a good point of view on the subject. There’s no question that Sese is one of Canada’s most hard working artists, yet the most underrated. I’m the type to root for the underdog, which you could say is Sese in this matter. We only hope to see him come out on top soon, with so many finally taking notice to what Canada has to offer now, from the states to Europe, it’s only a matter of time.

I would love to hear your opinions on the subject, because it’s an ongoing debate I’ve been having with my peers for some time now. First, take the time to sift through This Was My Shit, as we lead into Y.F.R.W.N. 3 slated to release late this summer.

Week One: “Thirty Six”

Week Two: “Verbal Criminology”

Week Three: “Say My Name Right”

Week Four: “Elevators”

Week Five: “1993”

Week Six: “Milkbone”

Week Seven: “Comfortable”

Week Eight: “Bury Me A G”

Week Nine: “Bitches Aint Shit”

Take in Sese’s entire cataloge here and check out Sese’s freestlye live on The Come Up Show Radio from back in 2010 below.