[Video] Kehmak x Del Reze x Casper The Ghost – “Call It Out” (Dir: Ender)

call it out

This one right here. Screams unity. Like many other cities, there’s always animosity between different hip-hop circles. After all, hip-hop wouldn’t be entirely what it is without the competition. Though in today’s day and age, we compete on a much larger scale, other than our own geographical location. Five years ago, you probably wouldn’t of seen this happen, though the progression Londons hip-hop scene has seen over those five years is amazing. Streetscape and Treetop team up for the banger of the summer, “Call It Out”. Shot by Ender, and edited by Del Reze. All filmed and edited in one day! Produced by Quince, the flow these three demonstrate on this timeless London track shows you London has a slew of undiscovered talent. Having the opportunity to sit in on this studio session and witness this one come together was a blessing. I’m proud of both teams. Take a dive into the heart of the city, where hip-hop thrives and tell me you can’t mess with this one.