[Podcast] Blacastan talks “Watson & Holmes”

Blacastan Podcast on The Come Up Show

We’ve got a special edition of The Come Up Show Podcast for y’all this week. One of our representatives, Bill Beamin, was in contact with Army of the Pharaohs’ own, Blacastan. The “rhyme master” himself is due to release a collaborative album with heavyweight Stu Bangas. As a duo, the team has taken to the aliases “Watson & Holmes,” which is also the name of their upcoming album, as well as the track to their first feature music video.

Listen in while Blacastan describes what got him into the culture, how he chose the name Blacastan, and much more. As one of the premier underground emcees in today’s Hip-Hop landscape, Blacastan is able to shed light on working with legends like Vinnie Paz and Celph Titled (who both feature on the lead single “Nubian Metal). However, more importantly, as a man who grew up where Hip-Hop began, Blac subtly sheds light on some of the unwritten rules in the game…

Pre-order Watson & Holmes here: https://www.brutalmusic.org/

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