[Review] SeT – “AuRA”


“In parapsychology and many forms of spiritual practice, an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object (like the halo or aureola in religious art). The depiction of such an aura often connotes a person of particular power or holiness. It is said that all living things (including humans) and all objects manifest such an aura. Often it is held to be perceptible, whether spontaneously or with practice: such perception is at times linked with the third eye of Indian spirituality. It has also been described as a map of the thoughts and feelings surrounding a person.”

– Bowers, Barbara, Ph.D: What Color Is Your Aura? Personality Spectrums for Understanding and Growth – 1989

You can interpret the meaning AuRA however you choose to look at it. For SeT, it’s the power of harnessing the power of positive energy, coinciding with the negative energy. You can’t have the good, without the bad. His named derived from the Egyptian God, SeT. Who was employed by Ra, as the God of Chaos. Outgoing, philosophical,intellectual and innovative, SeT embodies the traits of the Egyptian God, based on his fascination with Egyptian mythology. Having a long line of talented musicians in his family, it’s almost as if SeT was born to pursue music. Sit down and speak with him for twenty minutes, you’ll see he is no ordinary rapper. The thought process he has about everything is on another level. From the energy we give off, to any topic at hand. AuRA, a 10 track LP from SmashMouth Music Group’s own, speaks volumes on quality over quantity. One song in and you can feel the presence SeT gives on the mic. A heavy one. He’s no newbie to making music and gives you an almost, tell-all with AuRA. Putting his life on the line in pursuit of something that means everything to him. There’s hidden meaning, with unconcealed truth all throughout the album. Having sat on it since it came out, taking it in slowly, I found the power of the music SeT provides on this is impeccable. Mood music for the soul. Take in SeT’s album AuRA as we go on a track by track break down.

1. “God of Chaos” (Prod: Rocko)

The opening cut is one of the most important parts of a project, it’s something that can capture a listener, or deter one. “God of Chaos” produced by Rocko, the first cut off AuRA is an epic one to say the least. A brief introduction, following a drop that hits heavily leads into some first bars that say a tonne. “Nothing to write, but so much to feel. Exciting, I know the sky is bright so look up and notice the highlight reel. King SeT, all of these my knights. Who’s after me? Fight to keep the passion alive, but yeah; after me!”. In one song, SeT shows the determination, skill set, motivation, all blended in with the passion to keep things rolling and put on for his team. SeT being the Egyptian God of the desert, storms and chaos, had a positive role, employed by Ra to repel the serpent of chaos Apep. In todays day and age, the serpent is anyone trying to hold you down, and stop you from reaching those goals. SeT shows exactly how he is going to overcome that in “God of Chaos”. Rocko provides the means to let it all out, with a smashing sampled anthem, thats gives the feeling of marching onward to battle. In the end, SeT has the key to overcome any obstacle, this is audio proof of that.

2. “Baussin” ft. Tray (Prod: AJ Cooper)

“Baussin” , takes things to a different level as we encounter the AuRA given from SeT. If you’re ever in Toronto. These dudes are out as almost every event. They’re everywhere. “Baussin” is one that gets more on that ignorant tip. AJ Cooper provides the funky, trap sound as SeT and Tray get on more of their bragging side of things. In this business, you can’t come in and half ass it. SeT shows you on this one, exactly why he doesn’t play.

3. “SeT Anthem” (Prod: LEF7Y)

“SeT Anthem” is one, to top any anthem that’s dropped this year. Opening with some spacey sounds from LEF7Y, SeT opens with “My brother, sister and I could of died last year. So I vow to show you we alive this year. I’m not a celebrity at all, this real. Ya’ll still thinking that I’m cool. Bitch I’m screaming f*ck a bill!”. SeT lets you knows exactly what he’s in this for with this one, from the realness of his personal life, to just enjoying the good times. If you’re ever around SeT, you’ll get the vibes he speaks on in this one. No matter the circumstances, SeT is always giving off a positive energy. You can definitely bounce to this one, it’s one you can relate to and make your own.

4. “AuRA” (Prod: WMEGAL)

“From the first one in, to the last one in. I don’t care if it’s dead, I don’t care if it’s packed. When I rap I’ma do it the same”. That first line right there describes it all. Keeping the pace going, SeT give the total essence of the album on this one, describing how hard he is working to achieve what he’s set out for and what he lives for. He puts his heart into everything he’s doing and this is one where you can definitely feel that. The replay value on this one is inevitable.

5. “Bounce” (Prod: Tay Lewis)

It’s not always healthy to be one hundred percent serious sometimes, “Bounce” produced by Tay Lewis, takes away from the seriousness and gives you a break halfway through to just; bounce. Different from your average club tune, the fast pace will have you turning up no mater where you’re at. The subway station, in the car, the shower. It’s just one of those joints that have you feeling good.

6. “WatchaMaCallIt” ft. Terrell Morris (Prod: MMac)

With that almost Battle Toad like sound provided by MMac, SeT recruits Terrell Morris for “WatchaMaCallIt”. Not every track needs that perfect song structure, and for four minutes, SeT and Terrell Morris go back and forth with bars upon bars. By this point, you notice the versatility SeT has making music. From intellectual tunes, clubs tracks and just straight rapping. SeT really shows the different flows he has with this one, him and Terrell Morris make an excellent duo going in the entire time!

7. “More Than This” ft. AJ Cooper (Prod: AJ Cooper)

“More Than This” can be interpreted in two ways almost. Depending how you look at it. With an old school, funk feel to it. The hook leading in makes for a smooth listen. Talking about money and girls and the lust that comes for both, this one can be seen as the every day mans dreams and how there is more than that – or you could look at it as it is, a sensual type song talking about money and girls.

8. “Until Then” ft. Haviah Mighty (Prod: LEF7Y)

Possibly my favorite track off AuRA, SeT gets ahold of Haviah Mighty for “Until Then”, a song about what I see as, SeT’s love for writing music, and hip-hop in general. All while speaking about his thoughts about this “beautiful women”, you see the hunger SeT has to strive for better. Haviah Mighty provides the hook, that has you singing along no matter if you know the words or not.

9. “Epic” (Prod: Ali G)

There’s a definite 90’s feel when you press play on “Epic”. Ali G holds down the production, while SeT gives off some more positive vibes, displaying the talent this young emcee has. “I ain’t tryna hide my pain behind the chain, I’d rather show it through the music. Not a thing with some bling, I’d rather shine and be the truest” . This whole album so far, is what I call mood music. You could be in the worst possible mood, and put this tune on and instantly feel better. SeT lays it all out in “Epic”. If you’ve ever had any doubts, let this be the song that takes that doubt away.

10. “Concepteur Etoiles” (Prod: Tay Lewis)

French for “Designer Star”, “Concepteur Etoiles” produced by Tay Lewis closes out AuRA. Painting the picture of he wants things to fall into place, giving off positive energy all around. Even through the negativity. Your wealth isn’t always measured by material things, and SeT shows that while slowing down the flows, saying “I don’t hate you. I just want to say thank you”.

Review By: Colton B

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