[Audio] T.Y. – “91′ to Infinity”

91 to Infinity Final

Last time we heard from T.Y. it was when he dropped two big tunes in one day, “Brooklyn Way” and “Let Me Ask You”. Building up momentum as we await this highly anticipated project from him and Chef Byer, T.Y. decided to go in on some classic instrumentals, which definitely got some heads turning. Kicking off #TYTuesdays with a premiere from our friends over at Hip Hop Canada, T.Y. let loose “91′ to Infinity”. A rendition of the classic Souls of Mischief track, “93′ to Infinity”. Now you could be on the fence about it, as some people dislike when classic instrumentals are touched, though when you add someone like T.Y. to the equation, how could you dislike it? The soul, content, mixed in with the overall passion; you know it’s going to come out as something even the ones who created the original track could appreciate. “91′ to Infinity” is one where T.Y. lets the women in his life know, that through the struggles of trying to make it and perfect his craft, sometimes there isn’t always time to be together as much as they’d like.

Lines like “man I’ve been wearing the same t-shirt for six months. I just told my one boss I quit. I’m fed up. Man I’m focused on the bigger picture, I’m painting it with brush strokes of genius. Never running out of brushes to dream with. It’s seamless the way I rip stitches like a seamstress. God damn, I’m going over ya’ll heads with this” show you just where the skills are at. Take in the first of three, “91′ to Infinity” and stay tuned for next weeks drop. I know everyone can relate in a way. If you’re out chasing your dreams especially. Get to know T.Y. a bit more in our recent interview as well. Let me know your thoughts afterwards on T.Y.’s remix to “93′ to Infinity”, because I say other than the original, no one can touch this beat like he did.