[Audio] Your Old Droog- “Sleepers” (prod. Larry Fisherman)

your old droog

The mysterious New York/Russian emcee Your Old Droog releases his latest single, “Sleepers.” Droog made the internet freeze for a minute with the release of his self titled EP, Your Old Droog. In adition to the fact that no one really knows what this guy looks like, the popular rumor going around is that Droog is secretly Nas rapping under another alias. “Sleepers” is the first track released by Droog that has any industry connection, as the instrumental is produced by Mac Miller, aka Larry Fisherman. Apparently these two artists also have a collaborative track in the works. If you still are skeptical about Droogs true identity the world will know once and for all next month, as he’ll be making his debut performance at Webster Hall in New York City. In the mean time take in “Sleepers,” and add your two cents into the debate.