[Video] Blood Orange- “You’re Not Good Enough” [Dir. Gia Coppola]


Devonté “Dev” Hynes also known as Blood Orange and is a British singer, composer, songwriter, producer and author. I was recently watching James Franco’s latest film, Palo Alto and was blown away by the movies sound track; I did some research and found that the majority of the songs I liked came from this artist. Devonte’s soulful, funky style is a timeless sound that you can’t help but grove too. “Your Not Good Enough,” is a track off the second album by Blood Orange titled, Cupid Deluxe. Watching this video, all i can think is that Prince and the other funk acts of the 80’s must be proud to see that their genre of music is still alive, and thriving. Between albums, Hynes has written and produced music for the likes of Solange, Sky Ferreira, MKS, and more. I definitely see this cat blowing up. Take in this track and let us know what you think.