[Audio] Sisqo feat. Waka Flocka- “A-List”


This is really happening folks. After a 13 year hiatus, the Dru Hill front man is making a return to the music scene. Sisqo throws us a curve ball by connecting with none other than Waka Flocka for his come back track, “A-List.” Sisqo lets the people know that his celebrity status hasn’t cooled down since his departure from the game, as he boast about the finer things in life that his “A-List” status yields. Waka brings the energy on this track, and though its an unlikely collab, “A-list” turned out to be a pretty tight track. I’m excited to see Sisqo back in action; after listening this one, it’s safe to say that dude may still have some hits left in him. Look for this single to hit iTunes on September 9th, as well as on his upcoming album, The Last Dragon. The full audio for the track is below, as well as the sneak peek to the video.