[Video] Childish Gambino to voice Spider-Man in “Spider-Man: Web Warriors”


A few years ago Donald Glover had his name circulating the web in an online campaign to have the rapper/ actor portray Spider-man in the then-unreleased reboot, which would ultimately go to Andrew Garfield. DG has touched on the topic in various interviews, mentioning that he would still like a shot at playing the web head; and also discussed the online backlash he received from fans who refused to have a black Spider-man. Well guess what folks, D.G has been selected to voice the web-slinger in the upcoming animated series, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. This is a good look for Gambino, as well has comic nerds everywhere. Check out this short clip of D.G voicing Spider-man, and view the full article to see Donald’s interview about the Spider-man backlash.