[Video] TreeTop ENT- “On My Nuts” (Dir. Tim Freelink)

on my nuts

Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael step out of the sewers to take part in TreeTop‘s latest video, “On My Nuts.” This track here is a ode to the high school outcasts, weirdos and basically anybody out there who lives life by their own rules rather than following the rest of the herd. “On My Nuts” has to be one of the most creative videos I’ve seen in a minute. Growing up I was a huge Ninja Turtles fan, and I know for a fact that “On My Nuts” would be my 10 year old self’s favorite music video(the 25 year old me loves it just as much). The Tim Freelink directed video is off the wall, quirky and just fun to watch. The fact that Treetop was able to book out an elementary school for the video proves that Culture, Kehmak, TT Lo and Casper aren’t playing around when it comes to this music thing. “On My Nuts,” will be available on Kehmak’s new album, Revenge Of The Nerds. Check the video below, and be sure to share your thoughts with us.