[Audio] TassNata – “Walking Away” (Prod: Ashby)

tassnata - walking away

While, it’s about that time. Since TassNata dropped A Mixtape In 48 Hours, he’s been silent on what is to come next and out of nowhere he hits us with a quick freestyle he did earlier today while on the road. Quoting TassNata, “I just recorded one of my realest verses in here, but it’s not for my album”. This couldn’t be any truer. There’s also a new joint dropping this week!

“See I know the place I’m headed, but it changes by the second. Independent where I’m stepping, that could be the death of me to exit. Destiny, forget it. I don’t know if I believe in heaven. Channel 7 watch the news. All the evil shit we do.”

That right there is enough to show you how real this verse is. Looking for some peace of mind, TassNata takes a look at the world we live in and the unjust and evil things that go on everyday. Wishing to see away from that, because our children need to see the world for how beautiful it can be.