[Video] Lenny Kravitz- “The Chamber”


With 40 million plus albums sold, Lenny Kravitz continues his reign as the true guitar hero with the upcoming release of his 10th album, Strut. “The Chamber” is the first single off his upcoming record, and the video is as raunchy as ever. Centered around Guitars, women,guns and brief youtube nudity, “The Chamber” is rock and roll to the fullest. Lenny’s 10th album, Strut, is due out September 23rd. Switch the tempo up today and peep the rock gods latest effort, and of course, share your thoughts with us.

“This record brought me back to a place of what I love so much about music.Back to the feelings I had when I was in high school. It’s a real rock and roll record – it’s raw, it’s got soul and it came together really quickly.”