[Audio Premiere + Interview] TassNata ft. Junia-T & Iman Omari – “For The Summer” (Prod: Snazz)

for the summer

I mentioned the other day when TassNata dropped “Walking Away” that he had a new joint coming this week. That time has come. Before Mourning, an album TassNata has been secretly working on for the past while is near completion. Personally, I can be more excited. Which is why I’m happy to premiere this new tune and the first single off Before Mourning – “For The Summer” featuring Junia-T & Iman Omari. Produced by Snazz, this ode to summertime is one to cap off what was an amazing summer. For myself, TassNata, Junia-T, Iman Omari and without a doubt all of you! Though this isn’t your ordinary summer tune. This is a crack the bottle, vibe out kind of tune. “Summer nights I like a fire with the music loud. Rapping, I amuse the crowd, what happens as I move around”. This one is for the summer! We’ll probably party til the suns up! As the warm weather fades, this couldn’t be a more perfect joint to capture those last moments. Don’t take it all from me though, TassNata spoke on what his summer was like in LA with Junia-T, gave us an exclusive behind the scenes story from the video shoot for “For The Summer” and more!

Colton: First off, I wanted to thank you for the premiere, we’ve been looking forward to the album so it’s a blessing to be able to release the first single. Earlier you mentioned when you were working on A Mixtape In 48 Hours; that this is one you really wanted to take your time on. Perfect everything. Use a lot of live instruments and really bring forth a quality sound. Tell me how the whole process has been working on the album?

TassNata: It’s been a journey man, a lot of learning, and a ton of ground/foundation work on the business side. I’m looking at this project like it’s my first ever and I’m a brand new artist. As someone who listens to so many different genres of music, I’ve admittedly been side tracked by writing in opposite directions, or even being sick of rap. By that I mean, I still listen to it, but it’s mostly ninety’s shit like Outkast, CNN, Jay-z, Nas etc. So there was a period where all this ignorant shit was coming out and I’m like man, I don’t wanna be part of this. Then hearing myself say that, would turn into motivation, to be part of the movement which brings back lyrics, and flow and everything that made me a fan as a kid. So to generalize, throughout this project, a lot of time has been spent really trying to figure out how I want to establish myself and what lane I’m trying to be in. Until I realized that’s a waste of time, just do me and enjoy making any type of songs I want that day and listeners (hopefully fans) will decide what lane I fit in.

Colton: This first tune “For The Summer” features Junia-T and Iman Omari, I understand this is one you created out in LA this summer. what was your experience like this summer that influenced this tune?

TassNata: Me and Junia took a trip to LA to go do some networking and build with some new people, as well as get into the studio and work on both of our records. For me I was at a low point after being at work for so long and not having much opportunity to work on music in a few months, so LA was a way to wake up and get my head back in the game a bit. The song itself was like a random freestyle hook I made up while drunk on a patio with friends, and it was just fun. The way we were all singing it in a few minutes and laughing and throwing out random lines like “its for the women with they boobies out!” (laughs) – just epitomized the summer chill sessions with friends.

tass & june

So when we were in LA I showed a few people (Junia included) and said this is just some playing around shit I recorded last summer, and again everyone caught the vibe and was having fun with it. The first night we spent at Truth Studios – shout out Nick! We brought Iman Omari who I had just met the night before at a show he did. The only thing I’d heard from Iman prior to meeting was a song he did with Mac Miller and Kendrick, but after seeing him live I was a fan right there. So it was cool to have him in the spot while we all worked on separate things. He was banging out one of the craziest remixes ever so the vibes were great and it was a lot of fun. Junia and I started working on “For the Summer” and Iman pulled out this pocket trumpet and started playing over the beat from Snazz. It sounded dope so Junez asked him to record it. From there he ended up adding a few background vocals, Junia put a verse on, and that was that.

Colton: You mentioned there is a video for this one too, being a part of a few video shoots I find there are always some great behind the scenes stories that take place. Without a doubt filming out in LA there has to be some epic moments that took place during this shoot. Tell me about that.

TassNata: This must have been the easiest video shoot of all time. On our last day in LA the director came out from Oakland and basically the plan was just follow us around LA while we checked out all the shit we never had time to like Fairfax, downtown, Staples Center and all that. The only part we really planned was a bonfire party on the beach. We bought like 10 bottles, a ton of fire wood and some lighter fluid and had like twenty five people come down and just drink and chill while he filmed. So there was lots of jokes and just clowning by the fire in general, but one thing I remember was filming outside the Staples Center, it was before a Clippers game so there was Clippers fans everywhere and I had a Raptors jersey on – and the director had on a Lakers jersey, so between takes we were talking some smack about real NBA teams and all that. People were like do u even know who’s playing today? Ya’ll look confused (laughs).

beach 2

Colton: Being from the Okanagan area, I’m sure the summertime is one of your favorite times of the year. I know you travel alot, what do you think makes the Okanagan area different from the rest of Canada?

TassNata: The beaches man. Its literally all really clean lakes, beaches, viewpoints, wineries etc. It’s a lot like California with bigger mountains. and the people are amazing, depending what beach you’re at (laughs). Anyone I’ve ever brought out from Toronto for their first time has literally been in awe, its hilarious. TRA from S.A.R.S said he had the best day of his life three days in a row. I haven’t lived there for a few years, but it’s always going to be home.

Colton: Lets talk a bit about another tune I noticed you announced, with Danny Brown and SonReal. How did that come about?

TassNata: When I made Between Planets in 2010, I got linked over facebook with Danny via Black Milk and used to chat with him on there. I was a fan already from hearing him on various Detroit projects and we ended up talking about him being on Between Planets. At that time I swear my group of friends were the only people in our province who actually were fans of DB, and I didn’t have like a particular song he would fit on – so I said back then he would be on my next album. Since then we spoke here and there online, til I got this beat from 2oolman which was crazy. I did a verse for that, and sent it to Danny the next day and said this is the joint I wanna get you on. By that time obviously he was a lot more popular, so I was appreciative when he came through in less than a week with a proper verse which is of course hilarious with some of the bars he drops. As far as SonReal getting on the track, that’s just on some bro shit. I told him he should do a verse and I thought the three of us would be a good contrast on the particular beat, so I’m happy he fucked with it. He’s been one of my biggest motivators throughout the project, and definitely gave me some pushes to keep working when I needed them.

Colton: As far as the album as a whole, was there any particular sound you were going for?

TassNata: Not really man, I made like 100 songs. When producers ask what I’m looking for I say send me everything and especially your weirdest shit, so there were a lot of beats I wouldn’t usually use but tried them and they turned out really good. It wasn’t until that LA trip that I really started to see what songs were starting to group themselves together with a similar sound. I think this album is all one side of me, more fun, and partyish I guess? I still share some personal stories at the same time. So I think the next album will be a different vibe all together, maintaining a similar sound. I think that makes sense.


Colton: Did this influence the group of producers you chose to work with? Which if you don’t mind me asking, who were some of the producers you worked with?

TassNata: Producers definitely influenced me on this one. Well one guy in particular really was the one who solidified the general sound I wanted to have, and that’s Pops who has produced for The Game, Drake, Meek Mill, SonReal and more. Him and I go way back to the beginning and he’s always had the sound that I love, and is now making the rest of the world take notice. It’d be harder to find someone who didn’t say this guy was a beast than it would be to find Roti in the Arctic.

Basically he makes the type of beats I feel like I would make if I had the slightest clue how haha. Honestly man I’m blessed to be working with every producer on my record. I look at the list and I shake my head sometimes. This list right here is a major part of the reason Canada is now at the top of the game when it comes to production. 2oolMan (Tribe Called Red, The Game, SonReal, Sese) Snazz (Drake, DMX,MGK, Raekwon, Busta, French Montana) Junia T (Smashbrovaz, Little Simz, Franc Grams) Rich Kidd (K-os, Nelly Furtado, Drake, Frank N Dank, Busta Rhymes) KemiKal (Guilty Simpson, Steddy P, Junia – T).


Colton: You mention looking at the project like it’s your first ever, and you’re a brand new artist. Showing people more the fun, party side of yourself. When all is said and done, what do you hope people take away from the album after taking it in?

TassNata: I hope they hear and relate with my sarcastic sense of humour. I hope they understand that every word an artist says isn’t always based on factual events, that concepts are not so mainstream these days, but I take pride in conceptual tracks that are sometimes said in a humorous manner but still deliver a value I live by. I just say things as I observe/experience them. The the best compliments I ever get is when people say they relate.

TassNata and Junia-T along with some background vocals from Iman Omari create the perfect blend of soulful rhymes with picturesque lyrics that literally have you envisioning being out there with them. I find tracks always come out better when they’re made organically, not forced and these three definitely put together something timeless.
I don’t throw that word out there too often either. All we have to do now, is wait on the full project. Before Mourning doesn’t have a set date yet, but you do want to keep your eyes peeled for the next move.

You can grab the DJ pack right here too, spin this one at your next event, while your enjoying your last moments in these summer nights or just cruising. It’s all fit to your preference.