[Video] Dugee F Buller- “RL Flow” (Dir. THC Entertainment )


Live from the DMV, Dugee F Buller (Losing Freedumb Entertainment) brings to you his single titled, “RL Flow”. In a recent studio session with LexofNP, Dugee wrote,recorded, and shot the video for “RL Flow” from 2-5am; if that’s not grinding then i don’t know what is. The message that Dugee wants the audience to take away from “RL Flow” is simple; support real artists. As seen from the footage, RL puts a tonne of hours into his craft. Artists are obligated to have free music available with the click of a tab, but the amount of effort put into making dope music deserves a pay off in order to become self sustaining. Check Dugee F and his team go in at the DMV, and support all artist doing their thing!