[Review] Toronto Frosh Festival ft. Joe Ghost, Dzeko and Torres, Carnage & ASAP Mob September 7th @ TD Echo Beach (Toronto)


What better way to say goodbye to the end of summer and kick off the new school year than attending a huge frosh festival in downtown Toronto! Hundreds of electronic music and hip hop fans lined up to celebrate the beginning of the school year at TD’s Echo Beach on Sunday, September 7th, 2014. The event featured an array of dj’s and artists that specialize in not only EDM but hip hop as well including; Carnage, Joe Ghost , Dzeko and Torres, Charlie B, and headliners ASAP Mob members Ferg, Rocky and Twelvy.


Frosh attendees entered the venue at Lakeshore where they were greeted with concession stands, bull rides and even a stand where fans can have a set of grillz made for themselves. The festival began with Toronto’s own resident DJ and producer Joe Ghost who had all electronic music fans feets’ literally in the sand. His hour and half long set was noticeably lengthy as the energy of fans slowly diminished before Dzeko and Torres took the stage to revamp the party. Their mix catered to all in attendance as they included hit songs; “Hot N*gga”, “0 to 100” and “Beleive Me” in their set with an energy boosting bass and synth background. You could feel the ground move beneath you as all kept their feet in-sync with the music throughout their entire set. Before leaving the stage they thanked fans and wished them a wild night as they premiered a brand new song to end before Carnage took center stage.


(Photo: Fernando Paiz/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

While Carnage got ready for his set at center stage, local hip hop artists took the front stage and entertained hip hop fans before French Montana’s “Pop That” could be heard in the distance. Fans stormed toward the center stage as Carnage mixed everything from Kiesza to Drake during his set. His quirky attitude had him atop of his dj booth dancing along to his song “Bricks” with Migos as everyone in the crowd vibed accordingly. As soon as his set completed city famous urban music and 106 and park resident DJ Charlie B took the stage and really turned up the party as he played the best of club anthems from the year to get the audience ready for the MOB. Bobby Smurda’s “Hot N*gga” was a reiterated song this night as Charlie B replayed the song twice during his before dropping the French Montana remix. His fourty-five minute set felt short as he exited the stage and fans paitently awaited for the moment they’ve been anticipating for all day.


The stage went dark right before a black and white American flag swayed in the backdrop. Fans yelled “ASAP” over and over before the beat of “Long Live A$AP” blared through the speakers. The man of the hour ASAP Rocky runs onto the stage rocking a jean jacket atop of his black sweater with his hood over his head. The energy at the beach was truly overwhelming as ASAP fans quickly threw up their signs and Flacko flags in hopes that the young rapper would acknowledge them as he performed hit songs “Wassup” and “Brand New Guy.” As he took center stage with the microphone Rocky talks to the audience letting them know how much he loves the city and how he really wants to see them turn all the way up tonight for them.


The party continued with young Flacko being joined by ASAP Twelvy and Ferg as the beat of “Shabba Ranks” played. The party was really turned up with the performance of popular songs “Work,” “Work (Remix),” and “Murda Something.” The next song, “Wild for the Night” was a given especially since the event was majorily EDM music. Four gas machines that aligned at the front of the stage were blasted as toy helicopters flew above the audience. The overall energy in the building was truly indescribable not only from fans but the MOB as the Trap Lord continued on with “Hella Hoes” while Twelvy took stage left and Rocky stage right to crowd surf before returning back on top of the stage. “Since we’re talking about hoes bruh, how about we tell them what we did,” Ferg yells into the microphone as the audience screamed back the lyrics to “Dump, Dump.” The show ended with the MOB thanking everyone for coming out as they took center stage and yelled out “LONG, LIVE, ASAP,” before the lights dimmed and exited stage right.


From beginning to end Rocky, Ferg and Twelvy brought not only the energy but full charisma during their set. So much so, the whole concert was over before you even knew it! They are rappers that really engage with their fans and audience every single show cracking jokes and making sure everyone really has a good time. The show was the perfect recipe of short and sweet and covered all things ASAP. It is safe to say that the once New York underground rappers have established themselves well and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Review written by: Hayatt Baanks for The Come Up Show.
Photography by: Eddy Rissling for The Come Up Show.