D.O. and the legendary Fred Penner give the emcees ground breaking anti-bullying anthem “I Stand Up” an acoustic twist and a quick set of visuals. The lyrics to “I Stand Up” are truly inspiring, and provide a positive message that D.O. has been spreading through his music for years. In 2001, D.O created a school tour program, Stay Driven, with the intent to educate students on anti-bullying, anti-violence, peer pressure, leadership and the tools needed in order to work at peak performance. The Stay Driven Program resulted in a tour of one hundred plus schools as well as a 2012 publishing of Stay Driven: Can’t Nobody Hold You Down; a book written by D.O. which touched on the same topics.

D.O.’s and Penner’s latest video to “I Stand Tall” is featured on www.mybullyblog.com a website dedicated to anti bullying awareness. Give it up for D.O, an artist who proves that you can make a difference through following your dreams.