[Review] Machine Gun Kelly – No Class Tour (Canada)


For the past couple years around the fall/winter season, Machine Gun Kelly makes his way across Canada on tour. Every year he comes up north, the shows get better and better. This being the first I was privy to going too, I knew I was in for a great night. You definitely get your money’s worth when going to an MGK show. The turn up is inevitable. The Cleveland, Ohio artist started to rise to success after releasing his project “100 Words and Running”. From 2010 to 2011 is when everything started to change for the better and the opportunities have been growing ever since. Canada definitely loves it when he hits the country to perform, social media goes crazy! Starting on the east coast of Canada and working his way west, MGK ends his tour in Ohio with four final shows before the holidays.

Although we couldn’t be at every show, we had some people at various shows in different places.
No one person we spoke to had a bad time, as always with an MGK show. Your going to get a hype performance, that will most likely stick with you. Every night has a different story, and that’s one thing that make concerts memorable. Which MGK has no issue with doing, if the music sticks with you it can last a lifetime.

Taking everyone through a journey of hits, like “Wild Boy” up to some of his new releases off “Blag Flag” and his project he is currently working on. With every single show sold out, with fans of all ages; it’s noticeable how successful of an artist MGK is. I remember watching his music videos, freestyling in the car before anyone knew who he was really ( it’s my job to be on top of who has talent on is on the rise) and seeing the success and growth as an artist is great to see. MGK really puts on for his fans, and in return they show him a tremendous amount of love. Just go to a show and see for yourself!

In London, Ontario he got so reckless he stage dove and was carried to the middle of the venue where he climbed up the support beam, hanging from the ceiling. The pictures and social media clips we noticed from a tonne of other cities didn’t stray far from the same type of insanity.
We talked to a few fans and openers from a couple different cities who gave us their impression of the show in their town. Here’s what they had to say.

“It was dope! A huge crowd, over 1500 people. I only got to see the first bit of his performance because I had another show in town but from what I did see it was insane. One of the best performers I’ve seen.”

“The crowd was huge. I was in the front row, I got trampled like four times. Awesome performer, he had a lot of energy. I enjoyed it, even though I had water dumped on me during the show. I felt like he did put himself out there to be a sl*t though. He ws definitely inspirational, letting everyone know that even if you come from nothing, you can be as successful as he is if you put your heart to it.”

“MGK was live as f**k bro! We turned up. He climbed on a pole and dropped into the crowd. I stage dove twice during his set, it was dope.”

If you have never been to an MGK show, what are you waiting for? If you like to get wild in a room full of energy and see a show of a lifetime, next time around don’t hesitate. I’m glad I didn’t this time during the No Class Tour and I hope next year he comes back around when his new album drops. Let me know your thoughts from the show and what city you attended it at.

Be sure to check out our pictures from the London, Ontario show below.