[Mixtape] Tray- “ScaTTered”

20 year old Toronto artist Tray is looking to shake the scene up with the release of his latest project ScaTTered. Taking notes from CReW affiliates DillanPonders, SeT and Terrell Morris, Tray looks to make a strong name for himself, presenting one of the more abstract mixtapes I’ve come across ina while. The first time I heard Tray spit was on his feature with SeT in, “Baussin”- I was pretty impressed with what I heard. After listening to ScaTTered front to back…I’m officially a fan and would recommend this tape to anyone looking for that raw hip hop sound. Featuring stand out records Trillium, Oxtta Sxte, Rehabbit, Register, Smooth Operator and Relephants, there’s a track for everybody on this mixtape. Be sure to check it out, and leave your comments below.