[Video] JR Fillion ft. Bizzy & Casper The Ghost – “Wrong Things” (Dir: Sonic Sinema)

Wrong Things Capture

JR Fillion has now certified himself as a quickly rising star to all doubters. His newest video serves to cement that fact. From the down-town core of his home in London “Wrong Things” is a tale of perseverance. Featuring the artistic styles of the widely acclaimed Casper the Ghost (Treetop Ent), Bizzy (Streetscape Sounds), and captured by Tyson Fehr (Sonic Cinema). The three convey tales of struggle, both past and metaphorical, in an inspiring positive fashion. This single was released in preparation for Fillion’s anticipated album Northern Lights. An album that will truly showcase what JR Fillion has become, as an independent artist.

In the beginning of the video we see Fillion entranced, delivering an energy fueled performance. Symbolically he is sharing a stage with Jux Cain (Streetscape Sounds), his partner on the Story Up Bud EP. As the images fade, Fillion prepares to release his next project, Northern Lights. Beginning inside the infamous Prince Albert’s Diner, we see another side of this grinder. Working a common day job to help support the passion evident in his voice and lyrics. He says “This is all I know, better get used to the feeling”; something to be considered true, further supported by his growth.

After a smooth heartfelt hook, Bizzy steps into the spotlight. A verse filmed on the streets in the core of their city, presenting a confident flow past the maturity of fellow artists his age. Smart and thought out with his words, the applied transfers of double time and powerful cadence is telling potential if your looking for new Canadian talent. Balancing out the end of this track is a perfect look from Casper the Ghost. He let’s it be known with that personalized life flow, featuring past regrets fuelling a rise to power. The song itself was engineered by the studio/team manger of Streetscape Sounds, Quincy Manwell. Video Production by Sonic Cinema, and a jewel is created.

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Written By: Bill Beamin