[Feature] KOTD & OVO Present: Blackout 5 (Toronto)


The world of Hip-Hop has reached a point where it can be hard to find movements focused around old-school foundations. The pride of Canada’s Underground in this regard, undoubtedly, is King of the Dot Entertainment (KOTD). Grown up directly from the streets, KOTD was built by artists passionately involved in the art of Battle-Rap. The organization’s founder and CEO Organik, along with a healthy supporting cast, help KOTD bring audiences the very best events and names in the sport. This weekend, Feb 7th-8th, the team is bringing what could be the most anticipated event in battle rap history to Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Their flagship event, Blackout, is on it’s fifth anniversary and fans couldn’t be more excited.

The old slogan, “Put your money where your mouth is” has embodied King of the Dot. Since it’s inception in Toronto, Canada, they have ruthlessly pitted artists against one another seeking a champion. At first, battlers competed outdoors in parking lots for friends, small crowds, reputations, and occasionally wagers. Quickly, people started taking notice, and some artists started receiving infamous notoriety. A few of these rappers were even able to battle their way to the forefront of battle rap’s brightest league, achieving international fame. Currently, we are seeing KOTD consistently sell out events, while also offering an on-line Pay-Per-View option, both in and outside of Toronto, thanks to a consistent product. Always impressive, King of the Dot has maintained their reputation through an affinity for the essence of Hip-Hop.

The event itself has become an active demonstration of the faith fans have placed in KOTD. Toronto’s own Hip-Hop golden boy Drake is the official head sponsor of the event, and a roster stacked with the biggest names is expected to deliver some of the best battles possible. It seems like a simple set-up, a huge sponsor, with the most desired entertainers. However, aside from the 2 battles deemed Main Events on either night, none of the match-ups have been released! This means fans have already been assured that the battles will be the best in the business, and ticket sales suggest they don’t question that. With the return of Dumbfounded to battle-rap, Madchild’s triumphant return as the most successful industry rapper to transfer into current battle-rap, antic-fuelled Daylyt, Arsonal da Rebel, long-time battler Illmaculate, Marv Won, Bishop Brigante, 100 Bulletz, Head I.C.E. the list continues, I promise….


On the first night, as advertised, audiences can expect to see Hitman Holla and Shotty Horror going at each other. Hitman is an American MC, set apart by his ability to remix bars to a larger effect, and the phrase “BallGame!”. From across the ocean in UK, fan-favourite Shotty Horror comes back to KOTD with a crazy knack to tear rappers apart in ways nobody had considered yet. The two are sure to come together in a hard-hitting classic that will showcase the difference between Hitman’s stylistic flow, and Shotty’s intense lyrical game. However, the final night brings maybe the biggest battle ever as Canada’s two top battlers go head to head for the title-chain of KOTD. Pat Stay (Dartmouth) and Corey Charron (Ottawa) face off on battle-raps biggest stage, in front of a mutually home crowd. Charron’s ability to bring hard hitting relevent bars could possibly be enough to finally unseat the current champion Pat Stay. Stay has successfully defended the chain a record two times now, after winning it from Arcane (Hamilton). Utilizing a flawless mix of crowd control, relevant material and confident style, there truly has yet to be a more well-rounded champion.

As the weekend draws nearer, everyone should be encouraged to consider this event carefully. KOTD has presented a steady diet of quality material; something to be reflected on as the league continues to grow. A symbolic movement like this is what many will associate with “real Hip-Hop” during our era. Rooted firmly in our country’s most iconic city, showcasing our best against the world, is something I believe we can all support. If you haven’t been convinced to order the upcoming PPV, I suggest you go back through some of the battles they have posted to date, as well as those coming out. You will be impressed with the level of competency still being displayed in Hip-Hop today.

Tickets have near sold out for the event at Queen Elizabeth Centre in Toronto. The events doors open at 3:30 PM for both dates, and you can assume the pay-per-view to begin around the same time!

Order the pay-per-view at www.kotdtv.com because this is one event you don’t want to miss out on. They also go up in price tomorrow. You won’t know what happened until it’s all said and done.

Image courtesy of Beastmode.