[Video] M.O. Littles ft. Sicknature & Aspects – “What I Live For” (Dir: iLLvibe)


Canadian Hip-Hop has been constantly shocking the international culture since it’s involvement. Now, another example has arrived from Toronto as M.O. Littles new single, “What I Live For”. The song was released off his latest project, “Welcome To The Shot Club”. The title “What I Live For” brings out a couple notable features to cosign, which both Aspects and Sicknature (SnowGoons) are qualified to do. Combined, the three represent a wealth of knowledge in manoeuvring the business world of hip-hop both locally, and internationally.

The video itself was directed by Illvibe studios, who have seemed to capture another piece of growing history. It starts as the main sample bangs loudly in the background. Someone is packing a mask and some spray cans into a black knapsack. We see the artist spraying up a wall, as the chorus comes in. M.O. Littles raps authoritatively about what hip-hop means to him with a bounce-style flow to knock your head too. During his verse we see our grafitti artist chased off his spot by a prowling undercover. The shots pan back-and-forth between the visual and verbal artists, both pushing their passions.

Sicknature of Snowgoons, who is always someone to be excited for takes it on second. His crew Snowgoons have already created a loud buzz within the underground hip-hop world. Known for bodying tracks in multiple facets, the fact they approve the project is a certified seal for most. “still bump Beastie Boys and fight for my license to ill”, and “Hip-Hop is the fuckin’ reason that I’m breathing still.”. His energetic power-presence is almost perfectly in sync with our graffiti artist, still running from his pursuer.

Ottawa’s own Aspects prepares to emerge from the chorus on his feature. Proceeding to completely demolish it from the drop, to the last bar. Aspekts performance is flawless, characterising the essence of the track with phrases like “What I live for, is mostly family. And a whole lot of music, and working until my hands bleed.”. He licks off a banging underground classic with his daughter on his shoulders. Enough Said.

The track is an official underground heater! Full props go out to G’hislain Brindamour for his job mixing, and Kajmir Royale on production. Be sure to take advantage of the free download M.O. Littles has granted fans on “Welcome to the Shot Club”. Look for him on tour in the coming months opening for Ghettosocks, as well as during The Canadian Music Week in May. Oh, and keep an eye out for his full length album, Momentum, coming soon, featuring Merkules, Rich Kidd, and Saukrates!