[Interview] Saba shares on what is unifying Chicago artists, how “Notorious Thugs” inspired him to rap, and why first day of high school was weird

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It’s funny how I first discovered Saba, when I was going through the year lists for 2014, I noticed a project coming up more than a few times. Saba’s mixtape ComfortZone on more than few blogs and I decided to download it.  I don’t know if this happens to you, when you download a great deal of new of new it might take you some time to get around to it and that’s what happened with this mixtape. A few weeks later, I get an email from Martin who is part of The Come Up Show team, and he introduced me to Saba’s manager via email. Saba is going to be in Toronto in May to play Canadian Music Week and they wanted to get exposure before they came down to the city.

I’m happy to present my interview with Saba, I caught up with him in his Chicago home while he was cooking chicken tenders. He tells me the one song he heard by Bone Thugs that inspired him to want to be a rapper, why his first day of high school was hella weird and you might notice Chicago music scene is on fire right now, Saba shares breaks it down why that is.

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