[Video] Casper The Ghost – “Ghost N***a” (Dir: ConR)

Casper The Ghost - Ghost Nigga

Casper The Ghost has been on his grind for a long time. I can’t count on two hands how many years he has been consistently working hard. There are many in his corner, and many that haven’t had the opportunity to hear what he has to offer with his music. A story like none other, Casper has been through things in his life no one man should ever have to go through. Though with determination, he is one who always strives for better. Since I first stepped into the local scene in London, Ontario – Casper has always been brought to my attention. From winning an Ontario Freestyle Championship where the final two contestants were him and Tory Lanez. Being the first Canadian emcee to win the Rhyme Calisthenics competition. Opening for every big name to come through the city and tour to various towns to make sure he is heard.

I spoke with Casper about everything leading up to this point. After an amazing year last year, touring Ontario with Young Stitch and the Sentral Soldiers on the Pyramids in the Sky Tour . Winning an award for Artist of the Year at the London Music Awards (which if he wins any more he will be inducted into the hall of fame) – though one thing he said to me was the biggest highlight of the year was when his daughter Marlee started school. Casper goes above and beyond for his family so it’s great to see him at such a happy point in his life. Looking forward to the future, I asked him what he would like to accomplish this year and he simply said “I just want my music to be heard.”“Money would be good, maybe linking some kind of publication deal and extending the fans base on different platforms so my music can reach a broader audience.”

When you follow each part of the Marcus Morris Mixtape series, it’s evident how much insight Casper gives you into his life. No gimmicks. No bullsh*t. Just his true self. From one onward you hear about the struggles coming out of a rock and a hard place. Finding himself. Having a daughter and starting a family. All of this is depicted through his songs and with each tape you can hear the growth and maturity. MMM6 he told me is going to be a clear message about getting the credit he deserves (which you can hear in the first release off MMM6 below – “Ghost N***a”) and showing how grown he has become. It’s also his farewell to just being a “local rapper”. Authentic is a strong word that comes to mind when describing Casper, so I asked him why he feels authenticity is key in music. “Authenticity is all I have. I feel my best ability is translating raw emotion into my music which I think stands apart from the rest.”

Behind every musician, there is also a team that works just as hard to make sure everything goes smoothly. Treetop, is that family that grew from the roots to the redwood they are now. When you witness them on stage, there is no other performance like it. “Friendship is priceless. Once you get a perfect balance of friendship and music you are unstoppable.” Casper told me. It’s family that hold everything together, even through the ups and downs and one thing I notice from Casper, as well as Treetop is that their love for music is undeniable. It isn’t a character. It’s not an act. Every minute of every day these guys are themselves. “The feeling I get from hearing and creating music is something that will have me hooked forever” he went on to say.

Finishing our conversation I asked Casper what he would like to say to everyone out there. He kept it real. “Stay in school and watch Good Burger at least once every six months.” (CLASSIC!)

As we get our first look into MMM6 – I can’t wait to see what unfolds next. The emotion you hear in this one shows you he is ready for a bigger market. He also got a replica of the ECTO-1 from the classic movie Ghostbuster’s for the visuals shot by ConR. Hear what Casper has to say and keep a watch out for the MMM6 release date.