[Mixtape] Tav-1- “Land Of The Infidels”

tav 1

18 year old Washington Heights emcee Tav-1 drops his latest mixtape,Land Of The Infidels. This dude knows what the people want; as soon as I heard the Kanye West inspired “Nothing’s Ever Promised,” I knew I was going to dig this project. Land Of The Infidels gives you an insight to the mindset and emotional state of an adolescent becoming a man in a world of nonbelievers. Tav-1 delivers flows centered around conquering self-doubt and all the other drama that comes along with growing up in this crazy society we live in. Land Of the Infidels has a track that speaks for everybody on one level or another; you just gotta listen. Though Tav-1 excels on the conscious tip, he gives the listeners some of that knock with bangers such as “Nothing Move But The Money” and “Searching.” All and all this is a dope project! Be sure to check this project out, and show some love to a yunggin on the rise.