[Video] Jukebox Verbal feat. King Fad – “Runnin From Lyfe” (Dir. Del Reze)


Our boy Jukebox Verbal is back with his latest video, “Running From Lyfe.” Juke spills out his soul on this record right here, and the hook from Black Room repp King Fad puts this island jam over the top. Seeing as that The Come Up Show puts emphasis on that feel good music, I’m definitely excited to share this one with y’all. What makes this video one of a kind is it’s various locations. The Canadian scenes for “Running From Lyfe” were shot in London, Ontario by the homie Del Reze; who has been putting in mad work as of late with rezeproductions. Jukebox took the viewers on a journey this time around with some self directed visuals shot in Ghana. Be sure to check this video out, and show some love in the comment section below.