[Video] Anton the Legend- “Mind of a Gemini” (Dir: LARENTVISION)

anton the gemini

Georgian rapper Anton the Legend hits us with a visual for his track “Mind of a Gemini” from his debut mixtape “Ode to the South“. Featuring one of the grittiest tracks on his tape, Anton collabs with the talented¬†LARENTVISION to handle the eye catching visuals and creative shots. “Mind of a Gemini” brings to the table the current issues that Anton see’s in the urban community, and does the production justice with his versatility throughout the track.

Anton’s “Ode to the South” mixtape pays homage to the producers and artists alike that helped influence the southern sound that Anton the Legend has worked to make his own. Utilizing the beat jacking method, ¬†“Ode to the South” takes advantage of classic songs as well as sounds that the listener may only have listened to a few times a year, and makes them his own. His mixtape starts off with a focus on his home A.T.L., while on the way realizing his own gift, and tackling the issues he see’s within himself, and in his community.

If you’re looking to hangout with Anton, check out the visuals below, and let the beat just fade out.