[Audio] Feli Fame ft. Fetty Wap- “H.O.E.S.” (Prod: Brvnjes & Sittin On Music)

feli fame

Formerly known as Felony Fame, Feli Fame teams up with Fetty Wap to deliver a serene track produced by Brvnjes, & SittinOnMusic under the title “H.O.E.S.“. Residing in the United States, Feli Fame is a rapper who has been consistant with a steady stream of tracks over the last little while, who also dabbles in the writing of short films.

“H.O.E.S.” starts off with with a voice mail clip from a woman, creating the basis of the content that follows. You can also immediately notice the serene vibes surrounding the beat of the song, which is almost unexpected based on the title of the track, though a pleasant surprise to say the least. After a quick run through of the hook, Feli Fame jumps in and starts his polished verse where his rhymes and flow are something to brag about. The catchy hook loops a couple more times before Fetty Wap jumps in with his signature undeniable sound, and although the two rappers sounds could not be more different, they compliment each other, and mesh well with Brvnjes, & SittonOnMusic’s production.

Feli, & Fetty may not have time, but if you do, let us know how you feel about the track in the comments section below.