dr fresch

Meet Dr. Fresch, the Los Angeles based producer who’s quickly rising through the ranks of electronic artists gearing up to take over the game. On top of remixing for the likes of Gucci Mane, Big BoiNelly FurtadoNo Doubt, and countless other tracks, Tony Fresch is also the owner of his own record label Prep School Recordings. His label boasts artists such as the ever rising SNBRN, and the newest addition to the family Loud Luxury. “Walk That Talk” is a well produced G-House record, and represents the versatility that Dr. Fresch displays throughout the track while exhibiting a vocal dimension in the form of Thewz.

Thewz is a 21 year old Hip-Hop artist/producer from New York City, and works to represent his life through music, while examining, dissecting, and making sense of it as he experiences it. Something quite unique to Thewz is the fact that he was raised in a small low-income town in New Jersey, though was able to get an education at a respected private school, thus allowing him to gain a rare perspective into two completely different worlds. Thewz began writing lyrics at the age of 7, and began producing at the age of 12, he then graduated from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in NYU this past January.

“Walk That Talk” begins with a taste of whats to come further down in the track, while Thewz gets ready to handle the first hook. Following said hook the listener can feel the production gaining ground until the vocals dissipate and Dr. Fresch takes the stage with some top notch G-House. Before long, Thewz jumps back in with a hot verse free from hesitation, while Dr. Fresch bends the production around his lyrics. The track closes out with one last hook followed by a focus on the production, courtesy of the doctor.

Tony Fresch is finishing up his tour after performing at this years Coachella, and at Toronto’s own Tattoo nightclub this past April 11th. Thewz is busy prepping his debut album entitled “lovesongs” which should be dropping later this year. If you’re feeling what Dr. Fresch, & Thewz have perscribed, be sure to let us know by leaving a post in the comments section, and checking out some of their other tracks.