[Audio] Towkio ft. Chance the Rapper, Lido, & Eryn Allen Kane- “Heaven Only Knows” (Prod. Lido)


Chicago based emcee Towkio links up with Lido, and Chance the Rapper with additional vocals from Eryn Allen Kane for the track “Heaven Only Knows“. Produced by Lido, this song is dripping with talent, and carries with it the aura of something truly great. This team strives to bring to the table a positive anthem of sorts, carrying a strong presence through every aspect of this extremely well done song.

“Heaven Only Knows” starts off with a smooth hook from the multi-talented artist Lido, and represents the portion of the song that listeners will undoubtedly be singing along to after only hearing the song a couple times. Following the hook, Towkio goes in with his slow, easy vocals over a beautiful piano based production courtesy of Lido. When Towkio finishes up his inspiring verse, the listener is welcomed to the powerful chorus of the song, done in a choir type style where Eryn Allen Kane’s vocals are apparent. After Lido takes on the next batch of hooks, Chance takes center stage with one of my favorite verses from the rapper. Chance brings speed & energy to the song, with his signature “Chance” style and sound that hundreds of thousands of listeners love.

The production by Lido is unmatched with the beautiful sounds he brings into it in the form of a piano based beat, and changes it up about half way through when the energy starts to build up, and almost completely changes the feel of the song, in the best way possible. Unknown to many, Lido is actually a very well-versed musician, who sings, raps, writes, and produces under the names: Lido, LidoLido, and Trippy Turtle. As a well respected musician, Lido currently has quite a few mixtapes, albums, and EP’s out, and that’s not even counting his Trippy Turtle moniker. He was even featured in a 2011 National Rap Cypher which can be watched here.

If Towkio seems like your style, make sure to check out his debut .Wav Theory which just dropped today. How are you feeling about this versatile release from the team? Let us know below in the comments below, after all, heaven only knows.