[Video] Crossword- “Breathe” (Dir: Daniel Gates)


Toronto rapper Crossword is back with a music video only 2 weeks after dropping his debut album XW. As the second song off of his debut to boast a music video, you can bet that Crossword is going to bring the heat, and with Daniel Gates as the director, the video for “Breathe” is sure to take you on a 3 minute adventure.

Carrying a very dark undertone and underlying subject matter, “Breathe” focuses on the political side of life, looking at many hot button topics in our current society. Crossword tackles the issues that he see’s when looking at items such as police brutality, repercussions for murder, ongoing battles within countries, and even brings it right home with the cases of murdered and/or missing aboriginal women in Cross’s home country of Canada.

“Breathe” begins with a verse from Crossword that seems to lack anything but thought provoking bars which meet their intended purpose of getting the listener to really take in what he’s saying, and how it reflects on society. Complimenting the overtone, the chorus in which states “it’s getting hard to breathe” seems as though it is a cry for help, giving more of a basis to the message. In the video itself, Crossword puts his self on the line, while taking a journey down the dark road that becomes present when one speaks their mind in our society, or as the saying goes, if they know too much.

Crossword believes that the time to speak out is now, and he will gladly be the torch bearer. Is our society really as controversial as Cross thinks it is? Check out the video below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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