[Album] Oddisee – “The Good Fight”


Created with passion, vigor, and an altruistic approach, Oddisee delivers an eclectic new album The Good Fight. In a music genre that has become so accessible, disposable, and formulaic, the Mello Music Group MC evokes the listener to consider the artistry and message being expressed. A self proclaimed minimalist, musically Oddisee is reassuring his potential is reaching it’s maximum. With everything produced and performed independently, the album is able to use various influences of Jazz, Soul, Gospel, and Funk to be well integrated as if it was one continuous jam session. Though of course there are elements of hip hop trends and foundations, Oddisee puts his own interpretation on the genre to elevate the sound. The combination of live instrumentation, sampling, and layers of overdubs provide warm, appealing, and head nodding songs relatable to a broad range of music fans.

With the irresistible temptations that come along with new found fortunate and fame, it becomes increasingly easier for an artist to lose sight of their original vision and give in to the mainstream . His observations of the lack of dedication and loyalty to stay true to the cause, has Oddisee inspired to prove success can be achieved otherwise. His philosophical outlook as an artist has him involuntarily conveying the message of truly defending what you believe in, no matter the outcome. The personality traits of honesty, honour, and character reflects Oddisee’s maturity not only in the music but  who he is as a person, which seems to provide a rare role model in todays industry.

Garnering underground success with a steady cult following, Oddisee continues to progress in the right direction and proves his philosophies are applicable even with the odds against you.

Some of my favourite tracks: That’s Love, First Choice, What They’ll Say, Counter Clockwise

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