[Video] Tory Lanez- “Mama Told Me” (Dir: Christian Breslauer)

tory mama told me

Tory Lanez is back with a visual for one of the hottest songs from his latest effort “Lost Cause” entitled “Mama Told Me”. Ryan Hemsworth, & Play Picasso bring us the polished production, while Christian Breslau handles the well-done visuals. The multi-talented Tory Lanez not only wrote/rapped on the track, but also played a part in producing the record, and had a part in directing the visuals as well.

“Mama Told Me” starts off with some eerie production brought to us by Nova Scotian producer Ryan Hemsworth, as well as Play Picasso. Before long Tory’s unmistakable vocals come into play and captures the listeners attention with his R&B and Hip-Hop infused sound. Shortly after the beat drops, we can enjoy some powerful bass that brings the force behind the track up a few levels. Content wise Tory places some focus on what his mother used to tell him, in that he would have musical hits coming out in no time. Unfortunately,  with the passing of his mother, Tory’s mom was never able to hear his hits, when her life was cut short due to a very rare disease that affects 1 in every 4 million people.

As far as the visuals go, “Mama Told Me” focuses on the gang banging aspect of life, beginning with a convenience store robbery & shootout, with the police not too far behind. Tory may be trying to emulate the conditions and lifestyle he had been exposed to at a young age, while the continuous gun shots towards the end could represent the sound ringing in his ears. The entire video boasts a similar color scheme, showing scenes in either dark tones, or the red and blue lights emitting from the police cars, giving more of a basis to the unrest Tory raps about. The visuals end off with a quote by Theodore Roosevelt in which states: “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The next best thing is the wrong thing. And the worst thing you can do is nothing”.

What do you think Tory was getting at placing that quote at the end of the video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. And don’t forget, if you’re a Tory Lanez fan, he’ll be playing in Toronto on August 15th alongside Ryan Hemsworth, Alison Wonderland, and many others at the annual Time Festival.