[Album] ellis- “be gone”


Meet ellis. The Port Credit, Mississauga born rapper/singer/producer who’s taking Toronto’s music scene by storm. With the release of his debut EP “be gone“, ellis works to solidify his vision and work towards his future goals of collaborating with some of his favorite musicians, and developing himself as an artist.

Starting out as comical rapper under the alias Mikey Be, ellis attracted a large fan base though realized quickly that with university approaching, and friend groups fading away the only way he could facilitate his vision was to head to Toronto. It isn’t always easy for an artist to switch aliases, especially after building a reputation and style under that brand, but ellis had a vision that just wasn’t aligning with his current name. The transition was deeper than simply separating his aliases between a rapper and producer persona as ellis soon found out. The name change wasn’t just to represent that he would also produce his instrumentals, but there was also a maturity factor involved. Ellis is his British mother’s maiden name, and with only days away from his first trip to Europe, he was about to experience significant growth as an artist, and a person. While in Europe, ellis met some inspirational producers on his favorite label “Soulection“, and soon started making bootlegs of R&B tracks. Now, ellis has been living in downtown Toronto for just over two years and can already feel the city’s influence on his style.

“ellis is my other half, my alter ego who has risen through discovery of myself and the music I strive to create” – ellis

“be gone” carries 5 tracks solely produced by himself, and starts off with “soul etc.”. As the intro to the EP, ellis wastes no time introducing the listener to his production, rap, and singing talents. His confident rhymes transition to an R&B inspired hook that demonstrates ellis’ ability to create a melody a step above the rest. “we got you“, a production that was created when inspiration struck ellis at a bar, follows up the intro with a digitally inspired production with an 8-bit feel that begs to be slayed with his lyrics, as it does. Before long the listener gets a taste of his melody driven hook before he jumps back into the beat at full force. As the track closes out, the production takes center stage for a well made conclusion. “5 star chances, 6 figure glances” starts out with some easy rhymes to get things started, before the gentle flute based production takes more prominence. The R&B focused hook has ellis showcasing his singing, with some female vocals to compliment the contrast. One of ellis’ strengths is his ability to seamlessly transition his rhymes from hip-hop to R&B, and vice versa, which he seems to do effortlessly throughout the track. As one of the most meaningful songs on the EP, “something i missed” captures a story of when ellis stepped out of his comfort zone physically and emotionally in a way he had not experienced before. A love story gone awry gave birth to this track, with the emotionally infused lyrics and double featured hook to represent a female, and male perspective on the situation. The intro and outro of the song sports samples from “Good Will Hunting” to add even more to his emotional ballad. The final track on the EP is titled “getting to it“, and boasts ellis’ fine rhyming skills infused with his ability to make a catchy hook. The balance between pure production and vocals is on point, and serves as an appropriate closing for “be gone”.

“real dreams don’t disintegrate” – ellis – soul etc.

As far as future plans go, ellis is just excited to collaborate in different ways. As a producer, he’s always looking to have other local artists paint their picture on his canvas, a creative collaboration process he’s loved so far. “be gone” displays ellis’ first real efforts in sample manipulation, an experimental aspect that he’s going to be pushing in the future. Check out ellis’ “be gone” EP below, and if you’re feeling it give it a free download.