[Video] Jazz Cartier – “Always Up To Something” (Dir: Jon Riera)

jazz 2

Toronto’s hottest local at the moment Jazz Cartier gives us a freebie in the form of “Always Up To Something” featuring DCF, a leftover from his “Marauding in Paradise” mixtape. Feeling a little generous, Jazz not only gives us the audio for this new track produced by Lantz, but graces us with a cinematic visual as well, directed by Jon Riera, with video production from Rinku DasGupta.

“Always Up To Something” depicts a conversation between Jazz and what is presumably his significant other. The two are conversing in a deep heartfelt manner, wearing their emotions on their sleeve in this emotional ballad. The track itself begins with a lengthy intro focused on an ambient production, while also paving the way for the basis for the visual. Before long, Jazz jumps on the track with his emotionally fueled bars, and melodic verses while DCF handles the terrific R&B felt chorus. The visuals themselves are quite cinematic, and directed in a way that makes them seem as though they should be used for a full length movie.

Let us know what you’re thinking about Jazz’s new release, and if you’re feeling it, check out our feature on his full “Marauding in Paradise” mixtape. If that’s not enough for you, Jazz is playing a concert tonight  (May 7th) in Toronto at The Garrison for Canadian Music Week. Advanced tickets aren’t available, but all CMW wristbands will be accepted, and a limited amount of tickets will be offered at the door.