[Audio] Tory Lanez ft. Rory Trustory- “Ric Flair” (Prod. Lavish, Play Picasso, & Tory Lanez)


Tory Lanez hits us with a fresh new release as part of Fargo Fridays in the form of “Ric Flair“. This track is presented through One Umbrella, and offers a feature in the form of Rory Trustory, one of Tory’s new teammates. With production from the hands of Lavish, Play Picasso, and Tory himself, you can rest easy knowing that the production is in good hands.

The track starts off with a clip introducing the semi-retired professional wrestler Ric Flair. The clip also does a good job setting the tone for the rest of the track, with its seamless transition into the beat. Tory jumps into it with a signature R&B infused sound that he’s been sticking to recently, and proves that he’s still one of the only dudes in the game that can pull it off with a polished sound (though not the only one). Tory plays around with his flow quite a few times in this track, and as one who likes to prove his versatility, he shows the listener that he has no problem switching it up. Before long, Tory hits us with the powerful hook where he states “the bitches love me on my Ric Flair”, which is sure to be the favorite line for those whom like to sing along. Rory Trustory has a very brief appearance in this song, though holds himself well spitting a couple lines during the interlude. Following, Tory jumps back in for one of the rawest verses I’ve heard from him since his “Ignant Shit” mixtape back in 2012. Tory sets his new style to the side for this verse, and kills it the same way he used to murder beats when he was first coming out. These two styles are undoubedly welcome, though it’s nice to hear Tory use both of them on the same track.

Well there you have it, Tory’s new Fargo release is a big one showing his versatility, and talent all in one package. Which verse were you feeling more than the other? Let us know in the comments section. If you’re itching for some more Tory, check out his track with the electronic duo “Snakehips“, and don’t miss Tory’s performance in Toronto this summer at the annual Time Festival.