[Audio] Belly Ft. The Weeknd – “Might Not”

Ahmad Balshe also known as Belly, is a veteran hip hop artist known for winning major awards in Canadian music and writing platinum and gold records for other artists. An important influence in developing a Canadian hip hop scene, Belly has now successfully remerged through The Weeknd’s crew XO.

“Might Not” starts with The Weeknd expressing his frantic lifestyle, current relationships, and how he copes with it all. With a fuzzy tone on the lead synths and the underlying 808s, the minimalistic lo-fi production provides a soundtrack to help envision their lyrics that describe the excessive life of a hip hop artist. At nearly 1:40, Belly arrives and delivers a compelling verse with quality lyrics and a laid back flow that still retains his confidence.

After a five year hiatus, Belly has successfully reinvented himself and has perhaps found a sound and product that is truly genuine to his artistry. “Might Not” is a track off of his new mixtape Up For Days that is now¬†available for streaming on Soundcloud.