[Audio] Dessy Hinds – “Homecoming” [Prod: Statik Selektah]


For those familiar with Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era, it is understood they’re talent runs deep through the roster. Members like CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, and Dyemond Lewis have all impressed hip hop audiences internationally with their versatility on the mic and as producers, However the one Pro Era emcee that really stands out is Dessy Hinds.

Born in Brooklyn, New York Dessy has has all the advantages of living in the birth place of hip hop and has truly embraced the culture and traditions. Known for his lyrics and soulful productions, the ILLMC has flashed his skills on many Pro Era tracks but has now released one of his own. Produced by Pro Era’s main producer Statik Selektah, “Homecoming” exemplifies exactly where Dessy is currently resides and where he’s headed.

“Homecoming” is lyrically driven and displays a wide range of rhythm schemes that displays a striking performance that needs no assistance. Discussing topics like his crew and the music business, it may be safe to assume that this strong single might lead to a potential debut sooner rather than later. Interested in showing your support? Feel free to comment in the section below.